My name is Alan Thomas-I am 68 years of age -and I love your Baby Shampoo.
I love the packaging-it looks great-shampoo colour is great - scent is terrific - also the product is very gentle on your hair -I look forward to using every morning.

I first became aware of the benefit of Adults using Baby Shampoo when I was the Marketing Manager of a Hair Transplant Clinic in Qld.  The Clinic recommended for clients to use Baby Shampoo to help nurse the new hair grafts as they slowly grew.

A new marketing idea could be to produce an Adult version with the Baby Shampoo formulae -it could be called Baby Shampoo for Adults or Bambino.  It could be marketed through your existing outlets -- and large Chemist Chains and maybe to Hair Transplant Clinics such as National Hair Institute in Melbourne.

Just some thoughts and all the best with your company.
Alan Thomas

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