Firstly I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your shampoo. I live in NSW and much to my distaste I visited my local Franklins only to discover that your wonderful product (baby naturals shampoo) had been deleted. Can you please tell me why this is? I do have a Coles where I live, but I just can't understand why it would be the only supermarket chain to stock your products.

I haven't seen the adult range in any store where I live at all. I have dermatitis and prefer baby shampoo (mostly your brand) to any other organic shampoo I've tried. If you haven't already, please try to convince other chain supermarkets to stock (or re-stock) your products, I don't mind buying from Coles (or your website) but I just don't want your product to become extinct on shelves (like so many other good products)...


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